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⚑ January 1, 2017

Holiday Stories πŸŽ„

A tree full of lights to brighten your day, indefinitely.

A tree full of lights to brighten your day, indefinitely.

There’s nothing like a Christmas tree to brighten a corner of your house. It’s critical therapy for these long dark nights of the year, and I will be leaving mine up and brightly lit for as long as it pleases. As long as I love it; as long as it cheers. Last year I harvested the dry needles of its predecessor on the first day of spring.

The remains of the tree.

The remains of the tree.
The Magic of Seven

2017-01-06 🐌

This will be a year, for me, of learning from my past mistakes, of which I’ve got plenty. I will also build on my past successes, of which there are a few. Quite. Sample success: See the photo, above? I have a full box of really expensive fragrent pine needles, perfect for sachet and squeezable memory-releasing pillows.

Sample mistake: I will now make Christmas presents year-round and in multiples. Thanks to the current glory that is Google and YouTube, I can learn pretty much anything about pretty much everything. The tiniest crafters of Japanese miniature fast food, a sashiko practitioner, a pojagi artist – the world is full of wonder and calmness and dedication. It’s taken me a few years to get back into flexible form, but now sewing – any kind of sewing – has become extremely relaxing and all zen-like.

So, there’s that. More to come, soon.

One more thing: It seems disastrously decadent to be working from bed on a white January midday, but if you think about it, no fitness expert or doctor ever says it’s unhealthy to lay about or recline gently. Lying flat is the foundation of all exercise, after all. Reclining? Jews do it, on holiday. It’s right there in the megillah. Sitting on a chair is the new taboo, as dangerous to your body as smoking, they say. They are always saying something. πŸ”