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⚑ May 12, 2017

The Last Raisinette πŸ”

Princeton Archives of Senior Theses.

Archives of Senior Theses at Princeton.

I have finally done it, I think. I’ve finally gotten the frame around my first novel and focused it enough so that I can release it to the wild via the wild world web. The big hold-up has been my life-long rule, which was hammered into my pliable brain from grade school and onward, to never pat yourself on the back. So, how can I package up any of my books if I can’t praise myself? It has been a conundrum.

But now I’ve finally solved it. It’s called β€œAcknowledgments.” A-ha! I’ve never bothered to write one for anything I’ve ever created because I am a very lazy slacker and I don’t like to make extra work for myself and no one has ever missed it or demanded it. However, I always read them in other people’s books, word for word, usually. I often look up the people the author thanks or ahem, acknowledges, and so I learn about other writers I might also enjoy along the journey to Shambala.

And it’s only taken me 55 years as a published writer to figure out this ancient but effective form of the humblebrag. πŸ”