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⚑ January 6, 2018

Some Days πŸ’

Decorations are still up on this sunny day.

Decorations are still up on this sunny day.

A snowy sunny Saturday, some mending at my side, AM Joy on the TV. January always seems to open a new book, a fine new book … first chapter, first entries … everything is possible, once again. I love January! I enjoy beginning things, and now that I am older, I’ve also learned the extreme joy of finishing things. Sigh. January is always a time for reflection, recursion, rejoicing in solitude. A.M. joy every single day!

Next Verse, Same as the First

January 7, 2018

It’s great when there’s continuity, sameness, routine. This is one of those days: same tasks, same couch, same everything. The only difference is that I’m completing this and that: I put together the new Not lamp from Ikea, and it almost makes me want the night to come sooner so I can test it. Almost. Precious sunlight is precious.

More coffee, the same as yesterday. Same mending, another one done; same thread, same boro, except today there’s more dust. Miss Havisham is always lurking, until she isn’t … and then it’s too late. πŸ”