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About the Author

Hello! Personally, I prefer a casual talk with the author when I press the About button, so let’s now have an uncomfortable little chat about me, non-chrono-style. You should know what to expect if you choose to visit here on a regular basis. I hope you will. Visit.

That’s because I plan to expand this section and get all the links working just as soon as I figure a couple of things out. You see, I’m hand-rolling this site with the loverly static blog engine known as Jekyll. Soon I will learn the ropes and then I will put up a proper working toolkit with all the details should you wish to follow this path.

If you’ve come here purely on a business trip, I will eventually post my professional resume, even though that seems crazy as all get-out since I’ve been working for myself for maybe thirty years or more. Nonetheless, if I’m ever going to convince the Wiki that I exist as a writer, I’ve got to scan in my credentials, and indeed, digitize the old texts that are crumbling to dust as we speak in the catacombs of brick libraries. So goes the libraries; there goes my proof!

A selfie from 2013.

If you’re just here to grab a quick blurb and photo for some kind of web linkage and blurgage, feel free to cut β€˜n paste β€˜n link away. It’s a whole new world now, and links are the way we stay connected. Be a good citizen, don’t litter, and try to give credit whenever you can so others can enjoy the path.

Second Beginnings and Perforated Lines

Let’s go back a few paces and survey the landscape.

A photo looking over the rooftops of Venice, CA, looking toward the ocean.

Meanwhile, there I was, up on the roof in Venice, California in the June gloom of 1999. It was a wonderful time to be living on one of the edges of the universe as the sun set for the last time in the millenium.

*to be continued … *