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⚑ April 18, 2012

April Joy πŸ““

The framework of a tiki fireplace.

The framework of a tiki fireplace.

The good vibes continue to vibrate in the zone of happiness that is this April day. Every day I go outside a little bit, and here in this photo you can see one of the reasons for my happy. Actually, two reasons for the happy: the pencil and the chiminea-to-be. Both are by local artists, to-be-named, when it’s appropriate. I guess I should ask first.

But still, what a thrill to walk outside and play in this yard. I pick up stones, examine stuff coming up out of the ground unbidden, trip over stuck stones, and listen to the birdies. Sometimes I look way way up at the tops of the trees floating in the windy sea and I feel dizzy.

So happy. Can’t wait until the sun comes up again. πŸ““