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⚑ May 8, 2012

A Month of Mays πŸ““

The big rhododendron in all its glory.

The big rhododendron in all its glory.

… wonderful Mays. We dice our reality into words, and then the memories accrete and fill that container. The photo, above, is of our rhododendron array. It is from last May before a year of small hurricanes and a surprise October snowstorm killed them off.

So now, they are memories and I am hoping to get to a local store and buy some small ones to replace them. One large stump is all that is left, and it is springing up sturdy new shoots, and another May we might see them again. It’s what we expect from May, after all.

And what we expect is what we’ve accumulated and what we’ve saved from the daily windfall. A Tuesday in May: we all can fill in the blanks. πŸ““