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⚑ May 29, 2012

Almost Spent πŸ““

Outside table and chairs in the spring of 2012.

Outside table and chairs in the spring of 2012.

… and already we feel the month whizzing by. There are intimations on the air.

So, it’s a round of mowing, some going inside for inner growing. I work on the couch, a big green old leather with feathers in the cushions. The former owners asked us if they could please, please leave it, and I couldn’t believe my luck. They were bestowing upon us one of the things I most lusted after, ever since I saw the Lisa James Otto spread on the webs.

It was October through their windows. The yellow of a thousand suns coming from the maples outside the second-floor almost floor-to-ceiling window. Sold! Sold! A million-times sold!

They also left the table and chairs pictured here. But not the cushions. They come from Home Depot just this month, not too expensive, very Miami. And I planned that fine match between their colors and that of the mystery bush beside the boxwood.

All in good time. I will learn the name of the bush and re-invigorate my writing and send it out to the world. And this is what home base is looking like. La la la. πŸ““