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⚑ March 13, 2014

There is Power Out Here πŸ’ͺ

A nice long shot of the sun melting the snow.

A nice long shot of the sun melting the snow.

Now that the landscape here in the Great Northeast, as we call it, has begun to thaw, it feels safe enough to venture outside and try picking up a few sticks. I am no mighty Paul Bunyon striding the earth, so I pick up the little ones, one by one, and make many trips back and forth across the terrain.

I am becoming a country person. It can’t be helped. But now I see that it can be learned. It started with a wattle fence, which I never would have learned how to do in such record time if it weren’t for the internet and especially Pinterest. And then, the nice long string of peppers a couple of years ago when my brother brought me a lot of them. He is whimsical, however, and he never brings the same thing, ever, so you can never plan or prepare. That’s just the way it is when an Italian man grows a garden.

And of course, as you may have noticed, I’ve been fired from my job of the last ten years, so now I don’t have to write in that vaguely company-friendly, people-friendly … puppy-muddy friendly way that got to a point where it got so bad … that I got fired. Twice! Not that I’m obsessing.

But I am considering taking on a partnership role at one of my empires in the β€˜verse, which you can explore by going to the bottom of the page and pressing some of the buttons. I’m letting things happen naturally, if you want to know the truth. It’s also the way I’m going to garden and basically take over my own yard this year.

Except for the deer. For the deer, I’m going all-out crazy, researching everything up to – but not yet including – guns. I’m ripping apart lattice and building a scarecrow fence that is sure to keep them away from my poor eaten evergreen tree that is evergreen no more.

There will be progress photos, especially now that I’ve got two good cameras: the one in the iPhone and the expensive Samsung one I bought the day before I got fired. Since I’ve kept it, I’d better damn well start using it. I’ve not been this bold since 2001, when I left the old Perforated Lines behind. Now, I’m going to resurrect it – consider this a sample entry.

This is the opposite of Facebook, I hope. Here, the conversation is endless and extended and captured for the time being very well by the Disqus machine that I’ve appended to each of these journal entries down below. I won’t anchor-link to it, although I most certainly know how.

Any more photos? Yes! Here is the opposite side of the day, inside. A photo taken at night, looking into the fireplace. πŸ”

My fireplace, burning brightly.