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⚡ June 7, 2014

When Dieting Becomes a Game 🌀

An old-time Bingo card.

An old-time Bingo card.

Trying to find balance. The internet was out for about half a day yesterday, and I didn’t miss it too much. I have taken on the whole outside as my personal playground, and there’s always some place to putter in the yard once you get strong enough to wield water hoses, rakes, shovels of dirt. It gets easier.

When I first moved here, I pushed the lawn mower hesitantly, maybe two or three swipes, and then I’d be winded. Now, all that has changed and I feel like I can reverse the damage that the carbs and sugars have created behind the scenes.

I have seen the light and I hope to help other folk get off the hopeless treadmill of sugar-energy and step onto the slowly drifting canoe of fat-energy. It’s calm, it’s smooth, and it’s very very satisfying. I wish I’d listened to my daughter ten years ago.

She was so right about going on the Atkins diet back then. It’s now called by a few different names, and Bill and I are writing a book on our adventure in totally switching our diet from fruit to nuts, literally. I feel like I’ve joined a religion or a cult, sort of, from the way I suddenly feel the need to testify out loud that I feel so darn much better.

In my head, it feels as if I’m aging in reverse. My enthusiasms are those of a younger me, and I can tell the difference. Before embarking on this diet, I was looking at settling down, accepting the idea that age was gaining on me. I thought that was a fact of life. It wasn’t.

Believe me, like HAL in 2001, I can feel it. So, we are writing a book about it from two totally different perspectives. That’s the weird thing about this particular diet: You have to move the pieces around until they fit your particular needs.

Move some ingredients onto your market list, take some extra care with vitamins and minerals, find your range of nutritional ketosis. It’s not hard, you kinda can’t go wrong, and you will achieve Keto Bingo in a variety of ways. You can do it on the cheap, even as a vegetarian or a diabetic like Bill or a pastaholic like me. I believe we are both shedding those shells, and once again: thank you Holly. You were oh so right. 🐔