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⚡ June 28, 2014

The Confessional 🌻

A photo from a Russian children's play site, perfectly capturing the fun of playing outside.

A photo from a Russian children's play site, perfectly capturing the fun of playing outside.

Forgive me, for I have sinned. In fact, I keep on sinning all the time when I am in my Catholic Box. I have impure thoughts about forbidden subjects, and I am lazy. I give bad example. I really hope the small pinching Catholic Box isn’t the only one for me.

A Catholic who doesn’t go to confession must maneuver through life like a driver without a license. I did that once for a stretch of time, a sure mark against me in my Citizen Box, which is otherwise very tidy. If it’s required, I do it, and if it’s prohibited, I don’t do it. Since white lies are permitted in the Citizen box, I don’t have much to confess here, at least not in the present. Unlike religion, the law ignores obsolete commandments and doesn’t nail us on thinking violations. Yet.

I do have problems when it comes to the Business Box, however. This journal is basically one trip to the internet confessional after another, as if I could find redemption through remorse and IOUs of good deeds in the future. I promise to churn out the work, more and more and more work. Working every day, all the time. I promise to keep all my plates spinning and never miss a stitch or a beat or a deadline or an opportunity. But that’s a lie, and since I’ve already confessed to being lazy, and since businesses run on lies, we’re good to go.

Religion, country, profession. Lots of rules and standards to measure. If I make a journal entry, I calm one chorus of background voices in my head who sing the mantras from every Writer’s Digest article I’ve ever read. Those articles were full to the brim with little white lies now squirming like maggots in my brain. Write every day! Nope. Can’t do that. Have a consult with a friend or editor and make sure your hero is strong and pretty and young. Nope, can’t do that, either.

Time to go outside. At least the rules are clear in my yard: Don’t pull the poison ivy and don’t eat the poison berries. Try not to touch a worm or frog or worse. Wear a pony tail to swish when needed to clear away the buzzers. Think about how to solve all the problems in the world when mowing or weeding. Especially, weeding. Where you are forced to your knees if you want to get the job done. Prayers naturally follow, Catholic or not. 🐔