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⚑ August 13, 2014

Perforated Lines is Back! πŸ““

Once of the boats that was for sale in 2001.

Once of the boats that was for sale in 2001.

Yeah, everything is getting tossed about and spackled into a brand-spanking 2.0 version of Perforated Lines. Yup. When you are ahead of the wave, you often get ground into the undertow as that wave hits the mighty shore. Well, if I had not stopped my old online journal back in 2001 in the wake of a different mighty wave, well … who knows how popular I would now be?

But, we did move to a boat, which was just glorious. I have so many things to say about that grand and blessed rocking-like-a-wooden cradle time. But not right now. Right now I’m fluffing up the cushions and spackling some things up so it doesn’t look too shabby around here. But we’re getting there. This new blog experiment is constructed of a mΓ©lange of ingredients that I’m trying to describe on its own separate recipe page. Believe me, it’s more complicated than chocolate chip cookies. The links will work soon. (I’ve been saying that for years, really. But now I almost really mean it. I do.) πŸ”