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⚑ December 21, 2014

So, Where Are We Now? 🌴

A low-flung sun on one of the last days of the year.

It’s the shortest day of the year, give or take a few hours, and when you wake up at one-ish and the light is only 2 percent skim milk anyway, it’s even shorter.

🌴 December 21, 2014

I’m writing this part of the entry from the safe vantage point of the future – it’s actually a few weeks later and there’s been a lot of activity behind the scenes. I would like to chronicle some of it here. For example, I made several of these Warming Scarves, which I hope I’ve perfected via trial and error.

One of the scarves I made this year as gifts.

Next, I made a Creeper scarf for my little grandson and a Caterpillow for my little granddaughter. Special presents for my West Coast children and grandchildren are still in the construction stage, so they have to stay secret, for now. I realize that some of these projects might look a little unpolished, but they have secret functions that redeem their homespuney ways.

A Creeper scarf that I made.

As I gather my wits and adjust to the idea of full-time sewing if I so desire, I will make a nice tutorial for my treasures that will go into the Cheaper and Better site. It’s all coming together now: The skills I’m learning from remembering how to sew have given me new insight into my computer and writing tasks.

A Caterpillow scarf that I made.

Plus, it’s so relaxing and fun to play with all the cute things I’ve collected over the years. My goal is to give away everything I have while I’m here and able. If I sense that a family member likes something of mine, I try to make them take it back to their own home when they leave.

A terrarium that I made.

I can’t believe I made all these things, and more. It’s been a long, long time and I’m going to chronicle it all, both here on the website and in a book that Bill has suggested we write together called The Future Theater Companion Guide to Some of the Back Stories. Something like that – we’ll refine the title along with the concept.

So now I will say goodbye to 2014, a good solid year. πŸ”