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⚑ February 20, 2015

So Much Progress to Report! 🏭

Some of my threads, organized by color and held in place with alligator clips.

Some of my threads, organized by color and held in place with alligator clips.

Here is what I wrote on February 20:

I am so proud of myself because I am Getting Things Done! I’m almost finished two real ebooks! I am stubbornly doing it the hand-rolled way so I can control how it looks, after ditching about a thousand earlier tools. I’ve been trying to perfect the ebook problem ever since 1997.

I think I’m getting closer, even if it did take an immersive dip into HTML, deep and to the bottom. Memorize how to write a head, if necessary. I believe I can tackle the epub enigma once and for all.

And yet, and now … it’s March 4 already and I am still in lots of pieces. Yes, the Christmas tree is still up and it is still snowing. Sometimes the snow turns to an icy mean rain, stinging off the rhododendron leaves that are curled up as tight as they can get. I’ve been inside in the cozy warmth now for weeks while Bill runs all the errands and keeps the car operating. This is how we like it.

The Christmas tree shines the way, even in March.

The Christmas tree shines the way, even in March.

I have finally stabilized the text for my first new ebook of the twenty-first century, Waiting Wife. I’m pretty pleased with the insides of it, but still challenged by the epub mechanisms, which I refuse to leave to Scrivener to solve. So far, Scrivener creates a flawless, foolproof, and most important – a validated product. On the other hand, my first run-through with my hand-crafted XHTML extravaganza resulted in over a hundred errors, some fatal.

An ad for Waiting Wife.

You can buy my book at Amazon! Sometimes it's free!

One day soon you’ll be able to buy this fine product in all its various forms and permutations. I originally wanted to charge $4.99 for it because I had intended to write a really wonderful piece about how I think the world has changed since those fateful days in the mid-to-late sixties … but really. How could I assume such a job? Instead, I’ve done the very best I can at this particular point in time, which isn’t much … and which certainly isn’t worth $4.99.

But based on Amazon’s own analytics, I have settled on $4.99* for the time being. It’s worth it if you’re a family member, a Vietnam vet, or perhaps a person who is nostalgic for a time when we still had the draft. Otherwise, you should wait for the digital Tesla book or Cleaning House, which will be coming along shortly.

2017-03-12 🐌

*Edited to add: $2.99. πŸ”