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⚡ May 13, 2015

What To Do About Bella? 🌸

A cinemagraph of a girl stroking wallpaper.

A cinemagraph of a girl stroking wallpaper.

I’m at a bit of a crossroads, and maybe if I think it through here, in this more formal of settings, I can decide what I should do with my time in the next few months. When you are totally self-employed, you get to make the big decisions.

On the one hand, I see a great opportunity to reach a whole bunch of people just because I have a microphone and plan to listen to the return of Art Bell to the radio waves, however they are transmitted today. He’s going to broadcast out to the big world of the internet, rather than the older world of the bedside radio.

And yet, he’s also going to be broadcasting on shortwave, and you can listen if you know how to get to WTWW 5.085. Most people will want to listen at Art’s own home station, the Dark Matter Digital Network weeknights from midnight until 3 a.m. on the East Coast.

Some of us will definitely be awake and listening because that is when we are getting a lot of work done, either by necessity or by nature. I have always taken a nap or slept until noon or worked round-the-clock on deadlines. I will be very wound up once the show is over, and twittering just isn’t going to be enough.

Newish but temporary logo for Bella-Haven.com.

Newish but temporary logo for Bella-Haven.com.

And that’s how Bella-Haven, the concept for a radio show, came to be. After going through the fun roller-coaster climb and plunge of Jimmy Church for many of the past few months, I realize just how much I’m going to want to talk among like-minded people, including the female 51 percent or higher of the listening audience.

To me, it’s the natural thing I’ve been doing since at least 1983 … packaging ideas. It’s how the Programmer’s Encyclopediae came to be, for instance. I want to be able to talk a little longer about the just-aired but still ringing-in-my-ears show. And I wanted it to tilt a little to the female side of the spectrum, just to balance out the guys-nudging-guys of the paranormal and fortean fields.

The show seems a natural – a haven for bella thoughts – and I’ve asked Lasha Seniuk to co-host with me because she seems like a really fun person to talk to. That’s requirement #1; I like to laugh and switch gears quickly, and Lasha does too. So far, so good.

So, here’s the rub: Art himself is probably going to anoint a true successor or pal or otherwise worthy person to fill the time-slot after his show. I guess, as a member of the thriving ecosystem of the network, I should have considered that possibility, but I didn’t.

And as a proud member of the network, I also feel it’s my duty and privilege and honor to support whomever that worthy individual turns out to be. Maybe I will … I will wait and think and give this whole matter lots of thought.

Minions watching the ice melt.

Unless I don’t like the person, and then we go with Plan B, which is simply a code for Bella. 🐔