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⚡ June 21, 2015

A Progress Report ⛵

A cartoon illustration of a man using an early idea of an ebook.

Just some quick notes on how things are going. They are going well. There is a swirl of activity, and lots of projects are in the un-jelled stage of ugly. Nothing worse than an omelet with a runny center of goo.

So we need more of everything now.

More time, more money, more heat of concentration to set the contents. In that spirit, I will say that I’m working like crazy on all things Hyperzine™, Bella-Haven.com, and most important of all, my brand new novel that comes unbidden, but welcome: Sailing Home.

You will soon be able to buy one of the following Hyperzines: Waiting Wife, Tesla Illuminated, Cleaning House, Cheaper and Better, Free John Ford, Unrestricted Warfare, and of course Sailing Home. I list them, not to be all boasty and proud, but because I will also have to sell them for all the right reasons: food, shelter, electricity. I’ll link each one up as soon as it’s finished, and I hope you’ll consider buying one or more of them.

You’ll also be able to listen to me talk up a storm every night, soon. It’s insane, I realize, but for no reason other than blind mole instinct, I’m going ahead with this plan to talk into a microphone from 3 to 5 a.m. most nights. I’m really looking forward to it, and I hope I’ll be able to do it.

A cartoon of a man in an electrode helmet.

There are a couple of skillsets I’m learning right now, and learning is not something you can rush. You learn how you learn, and if you’re very very committed or leaning against a deadline, you might learn a little faster. Red wire or black wire? Do you even know how a wire-cutter works? Sweat drips from your forehead onto the ticking bomb of deadline or unmovable due date and you eventually sort of learn how to write code, shuffle through a tango, raise children.

I like to procrastinate by trying to perfect my skills instead of trying the actual thing itself and failing. Actually, I will do just about anything to avoid the hardest job. I’ll even write a blog post about it, even though writing a post is painful enough. I avoid the pain of writing a blog post by making comments on a forum thread, which in itself is sometimes a way to bypass the email, which takes more thought than a tweet.

All of this writing, none of it polished to a sheen. 🐔