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Perforated Lines logo, now with cat.

⚑ August 18, 2015

Waiting, Listening, Peep 🐭

A photo of my yard in the sunrise.

Well, hello again, pretty website called Perforated Lines. I’ve been away too long, and I’ve missed you! Of course I know I’m talking to a website and it’s not a real thing … but then again, what is real and what is imagination and what is chatter and what is social media, anyway?

A photo of black-eyed susies from my garden. Hi Kevan.

The Bella-Haven experiment is now over. What have I learned? What’s next?

Those are questions for another day. For today, I have a perfect cup of tea to brew and enjoy. I have this beautiful website to decorate and refine. I have some mending to enjoy.

And I will have only myself to blame. πŸ”