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⚡ June 19, 2016

Father's Day 🚕

Marcus and Ilaria saying Happy Father's Day in the sand.

Marcus and Ilaria saying Happy Father's Day in the sand.

I’m placing this blessed photo here, since I don’t do Facebook because I just don’t like to be forced to do things and Facebook pushes you around from the second you arrive until you flee with priceless family photos to replicate on your own private hard drive. Replication! To your own shoebox or framed photo on a wall if you feel like bothering with the printer, which I don’t.

So, I’m replicating the photo here, fresh from my email and as potent as any drug, euphoria-wise. It really hits the spot and spreads happiness, at least to this household of two people, each of whom is a grandparent. We are living in a future almost unimaginable, a time in which you can sort of meet and love a grandchild you’ve never met in the flesh. Thank you, modern technology.

I’m communicating in a one-way fashion, in the old fashion similar to the 18th Century’s way of writing long beautiful letters whose thoughts could only hang in the aether between ink scratchings and much later, eyeball-scanning and finally: Connection is made. We can only marvel, and I can barely remember writing and waiting, waiting for an answer. Discus is disconnected at the moment for this very reason.

Maybe one day I’ll be ready to write and then, when commanded, explicate. It’s like trying to do a self-autopsy. Just because it could be done doesn’t mean it should be done.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers everywhere they’re not supposed to be. 🐔