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⚑ October 10, 2017

Soldiers in the Mist πŸ„

The tiniest of forests.

The tiniest of forests.

This little world on a plank is a grouping of tiny Cladonia cristatella or British soldier lichens. British soldiers in their bright, bright red coats will never be the same to me after meeting the fictional Captain Black Jack Randle in the TV series Outlander</a>. He was a mean one; unnecessarily mean. Almost shark-jumping mean.

We’re living in mean times right now, even though outwardly everything looks the same. You’re having some fun at a street faire with lots of green commerce filling the booths when suddenly: A red hat is spotted. More than one? Run for the hills and hide. They are armed and angry, or so they say, and we flimsy Americans just aren’t ready for this. Not just yet. See also: Chicken of the woods. πŸ”