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⚑ October 12, 2017

The Joy of Organizing 🚦

Organizing various kinds of paper. Bliss.

Organizing various kinds of paper. Bliss.

My favorite thing to do, whenever I can, is to organize things. The photo, above, was taken to celebrate the final stages of a grand paper organizing moment. I’ve been a collector of paper my entire life. I’ve saved old spiral notebooks from a wet basement, used index cards from projects before computers, safety envelopes inside out, and pretty much every other piece of paper that finds its way to my hands. I love paper.

However, there’s no point in collecting anything if you can’t find it when you need it, which is why organizing is so important. The piles of paper in the photo are organized simply by color, in case you were wondering. The index card holders over on the right side of the photo contain an alphabetized breakdown of all kinds of writng projects I’ve embarked upon in oh so many years. I am currently digitizing them and separating them into flashy fiction and other tidbits. It’s not as easy as making piles of color, but not as hard as deciding between peach and beige when it comes to a nice sheet of notebook paper. πŸ”