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⚑ October 17, 2017

Rich Threads πŸ’Ž

Three views of my thread book.

The front cover of my thread book.

It’s early morning and the geese are honking their goodbyes as they head south to warmer weather. Brown leaves are raining down and I am tucked up on the couch, under blankets, sewing this and that and finding new friends who also sew on Facebook.

There’s lots of show-and-tell in these groups, and there is much support for making things out of discarded and saved treasures. My thread book is a good example of what my new friends and I talk about on a daily basis, and it’s rather nice to leave politics behind for a minute or so. This, for now, is one way to deal with bits of thread that are perfectly ready for the next project, but which can get lost easily. The cover is a made from really expensive tapestry fabric, and the button is a custom Femo creation by Holly.

Three views of my thread book.

The inside front cover and first page.

Inside, there’s some nice ribbon from Balducci’s market and deli, a New York institution. If you buy some of their great rugelach, thick with cinnamon, they will wrap the white box in ribbons for you. You might regret eating many delicious boxes of them, but at least you’ll have a pretty reminder that too much of anything is not a good idea.

The lace pages are grippy enough to hold loops of ribbon, ready for the needle. I made this book a while ago when I began to take my return to sewing seriously, and I’m glad I took the time to make something with materials that are almost too good to use, from a time when we were having a rich period and could buy lots of rugelach wrapped in ribbons. Those rich periods don’t last forever, so it’s a good idea to keep all the extraneous swag and packaging that comes with expensive items for this … this inevitable rainy morning in October. πŸ”