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⚑ October 21, 2017

Taking a Moment πŸ€–

Hal, the cockroach.

Hal, the cockroach.

I always have a sort of sad nostalgia that today can’t be like yesterday, or the day before that … those were good days, but today is so unpredictable and so unknown. It’s only a brief moment of rue before I brush it away guiltily and get on with things. I realize that this is the core problem with Western Civilization – not being able to be in the moment. Losing the moment to daydreams.

Momento Mori

WALL-E is a charming movie that I thought I wouldn’t like, so I never bothered to see it. I was wrong. Ditto LaLa Land. Both of them are sappy love stories, of course, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

A funny, horrible thing about WALL-E is that it’s a cautionary tale about consumers and garbage, with an Idiocracy-type president on the telly, all bluster and sleazy salesman. Our current president, by comparison, is objectively worse. We’ve lapped dystopia. πŸ”