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⚑ October 28, 2017

Family Photos πŸŒƒ

Another photo of family members.

Another photo of family members.

A fine old-timey photo of some relatives from the old country. That’s all for today.

Actually, there's a bit more ...

I felt terrible last night while I was trying to jam this entry into being. It was a passing stomach flu, I do believe, and it has already passed. However, I really should add some detail to this very fine photo. You probably have such photos in your family – so old they are, just at perhaps the turn of the last century when photography studios were making fancy portraits affordable.

This is a photo from Bill’s side of the family, and so these serious folk were probably Jewish, and safely located somewhere in the United States at that time in history when dictators and horrible strong men had convinced the population to let them kill some of the Others. But no worries for the lucky people in the photo – our country turned its back on Strong Men or Gestapos or Fascist weirdos. Until now. πŸ”