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⚑ October 31, 2017

It's Spooky! πŸ‘Ή

Continuing with the old-times, here is a Halloween greeting.

Continuing with the old-times theme, here is a Halloween greeting.

I have to concede that, in spite of my cheery cherry optimism, writing something perky every day is a bit of a challenge. A hassle, sometimes. It is its own reward, however, and I have found in the past that people will come if you put out something new every single day. Every day, rain or shine. Every day is a treat, even the trickier ones.

Is the veil between the Upside Down or the Inside Out really at its thinnest on this special evening? My study of witchcraft has not yielded any definitive answers, but I will continue to do the research required. Meanwhile, I have learned how to turn roadkill into powerful tokens in a few easy but messy steps, should the situation arise.

I was actually fearful to even google the concept of witchcraft a few years ago. My Catholic heritage expressly forbids mental exploration of alternative ways of worship, and when I was growing up it was a sin to step foot into a Protestant church or temple or synagogue; it was a sin to open a book about the devil. I naΓ―vely thought the first Jewish girl I met in college was Italian until I met her family and experienced their house shaped like an octagon and my mind was permanently blown open to new ways and to Crosby, Stills, and Nash. Nothing was the same after that.

The tables do turn as you age. What’s left of your hair becomes white and you may find yourself giving shelter to a cat or two, with a broom by your door and a permanent kettle on the fire. Children may stare when you laugh, sometimes hysterically, at the absurdity of it all. You might see memories and old friends in the dancing fire and you might brew a toddy or two to soothe a tummy. You guard your ingredients and pray at odd times of the day. In spite of your sporadic good deeds and expensive eye creams, you have transformed. You have become a witch.

Beware the knock at the door. Throw candies. πŸ”