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⚡ November 3, 2017

Be Careful With Your Words 📷

The enemy is listening.

The enemy is listening.

The sun is always a gift. Always happy. Even if I can’t feel it, I can see it. I have to stop checking Twitter for any blips of news. Worse, I’ve started checking Facebook for any interest in any of the not very interesting things I’ve said there. I am timid and worry always about that right-winged crow that will come screeching in, making things seem hopeless. They don’t understand basic grammar, and yet they want to be heard!

In the old Nazi movies of my youth, the guys who kicked in your door were virile, manly, tall, and superior. They also had weapons, so herding out the pajama-clad Jews or tinkling Gypsies was a no-brainer. The gnarly little ethnic whimperer was supine in the glow of the beautiful golden face of his superior. Although we’ll never know for sure, I wonder if the reality was very different.

So many of the snarling new Nazis we see on TV today are really ugly, distorted by stupidity, and just plain pathetic. Of course a normal person would scoff. A decent person would scoff. So when Steve Bannon, an ugly man, tells his audience that “They look down on you!” he turns a good deed into a bad one, just like that. Scoffing has always been an important tool for shaving poppinjays down to size, and we must continue to use it with impunity these days, as long as we can. Scoff, don’t argue. Especially on Facebook. 🐔