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⚡ November 5, 2017

Day 1, Darker 🌃

That certain slant of light.

That certain slant of light.

I’ve been feeling surprisingly not too bummed by the change in time, from long sunny afternoons to a-nap-and-it’s-dark. I’ve gone outside for some free Vitamin D and I’ve turned on David’s twinkly lights. I’m eating a crisp winesap. I’m working on my spiral and there’s a nice backlog of Project Runway episodes to binge on. If I were to get SAD, this would be the manic denial before the dark crash.

But I don’t get SAD anymore, thanks to the hormonal shifts of menopause, so there’s that. I still have my five grow-lights, unplugged but always there, just in case. But so far, so good. If you do find yourself unusually sleepy and draggy as the days get shorter, you really have to google SAD until you find the light-cure that will work for you. It is real and pretty easily fixed. 🐔