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⚑ November 6, 2017

Standing Up! 🚢

My new stand-up desk arrangement.

My new stand-up desk arrangement.

Ever since I opened my first home-decorating magazine, I’ve been a fan of moving the couch into the room so that I could put a table behind it, and then add some nice plants to the table for an absolutely classy look, at least to me. I’ve always, therefore, had a table behind the couch, including now and my current deep-dive green leather couch. The table is always there, for my coffee thermos or water bottle, or teeny tiny rusty one-pound weights.

But lately, I’ve been worrying a whole lot – too much – about how good it feels to sink into the couch, where my very muscles feel cradled at first and then drained. Too much couch can make a person infirm, perhaps. And ever since my first laptop in 2001, I’ve been reclining happily upon any couch I see, while I do all my work. I’ve run businesses and published a magazine and so much more from the comfort of a couch. The only reason I’ve considered this startling new arrangement at all is because it’s becoming increasing more and more difficult to get up from the grip of the couch. The body is speaking.

So, at least for part of the workday, I will now be standing or momentarily sitting on a nice stool. I’m not Hemingway, after all, that famous tough-guy writer who worked at a lectern, perhaps to demonstrate Marine-Corps toughness or because he had a bad back. Further, I’m beginning to wonder if the chair – the Western chair – is the culprit in a whole range of miseries. Laz-y Boy? Do you have anything to add?


I would feel guilty if I left you thinking that I wouldn’t be using the couch any more. I’m on her right now, in her comfy embrace. I missed her. But I will be using Standing Desk every time guilt demands, which is often. πŸ”