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⚑ November 10, 2017

A Few of My Favorite Baskets 🍭

A basket of string not too short to save.

A basket of string not too short to save. For short-string reference: Check out the memoir by Donald Hall, Poet Laureate 2006.

Truly, I don’t really have a favorite basket because I love them all. I’ve never met a basket, large or small, that I don’t like. I like the weaving and the handwork of them, of course, but most of all, I love that their only purpose in life is to hold things. If they have a convenient handle, so much the better. This particular basket holds string bits of a certain length, for instance. I lined it and trimmed the lining so no bits could hide in the corners or crevices. Very satisfying.

Three baskets for scraps.

Three baskets for sewing scraps.</a>

By separating out my sewing remnants into tiny, small, medium, and large baskets, I never feel hesitant about cutting into some fabric for a project. Even if it fails, I will still have bits for my baskets. Since most of the time my sewing consists of mending, it’s fun to grab a piece that’s just the right size for a patch, knowing that any excess will go into progressively smaller baskets. The tiny one isn’t in this photo; it holds all the threads from machine-sewing and is nearer to the machine, which has starting making a worrying noise – a hammering sound as I sew. It’s always something, even in the best-organized sewing room in the world. πŸ”