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⚑ November 22, 2017

Computer Woes and Wonders πŸ€–

The proverbial Sad Mac.

The proverbial Sad Mac. I know what makes him sad.

So far, so good. I have my old MacBook Pro back from the shop, all 17 inches of screen glory in a battered case, but now with a brand-new solid-state hard drive. It’s almost like having a new machine, in that there are a million fiddly bits to get just right again, and it’s also really close to a nervous breakdown because it’s still freezing up and worse. I had some bad moments earlier in the evening that made me think the money spent on the hard drive would have been better spent on the lottery … and then things settled down again.

The proverbial Sad Sack.

The proverbial Sad Sack. I know nothing about him.

For future reference, if you don’t see any action around here for a day or two, I will be blogging at my old WordPress blog. I’ll put a permanent link in the footer as well, and I hope you check out that site before giving up on me entirely. I made this committment, see … to write something decent and fun every single day, and that’s what I will do … either from my phone and my thumbs or my iPad … I will find a way to say hello and maybe even something clever. It’s how I pay my rent here on earth, and I’m superstitious about it.

Next up: a Thanksgiving extravaganza, including all the fixins’ and more. I’m saving kitchen scraps to make some fine textiles, and I will be taking photos. Plus, there will be mordant. My transition to a medieval kitchen is proceeding nicely. πŸ”