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⚑ December 5, 2017

A Totally Free Ebook! πŸ’°

My first ever freebie ad. I hope it works.

My first ever freebie ad. I hope it works.

I’m having great anxiety about trying to sell my books in this new self-publishing environment that the current web had made possible. Nonetheless, I have gotten three of my old books spruced up and digitized, and every once in a while I will be giving each of them away for free! Today is going to be the day for Cheaper & Better, a how-to book that is now a classic, at least in my own mind.

I have been laboring under a really heavy writer’s block these last few weeks and we’ve invested in a snazzy electronic mouse trap that has already worked once, tonight. We live in the country and it’s getting nippy and so the sweet little mice are coming inside. Just like the deer situation in the yard, I am almost declaring defeat. Almost. I never totally give up – not as long as there is a Google I can access for yet another home-grown solution for pest control and writerly inspiration.

When I first wrote Cheaper, I wasn’t living in the country and I had no idea how hungry the deer could get in a harsh winter. I also had no idea that mice would use my winter hat and glove drawer to try and raise a family there. The remnants I found are best left to a Palahniuk short story competition instead of this blog because once I describe them, you’ll have that image forever of a doomed family, doomed every one, without their mother, forever etched on your soul. So sad. But they left behind a lovely nest of virgin organic wool, shredded and soft, in the colors of Princeton. πŸ”