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⚡ December 10, 2017

Snow! ❄️❄️❄️

An alien head made by glassblower David Duthie, my son.

An alien head made by glassblower David Duthie, my son.

The snow has finally come! It’s as if a fever has broken here and the scene outside has finally caught up to reality. Snow!

Enigmatic thought: Whatever gets you out of bed when you don’t have an alarm clock is your true reason for living. Your ticket for this ride.

Later …

A sunny Sunday, with the snow trebling the brightness. It’s warm and pretty on the inside looking out, and the idea that too much sitting down can kill a person is really weighing on me. And, it’s always the transition that causes grief. Getting into and out of a shower – that’s where I first began to muse on this idea. Change. Going from one state to another. Sitting is great and standing is fun; the shower is warm and cozy, but I hated getting into it. Birthing and dying – only the transition is messy; the rest is inscrutable.

So now I’m going to do some research on just how bad sitting really is. Maybe it’s not so bad after all. After all, it’s where all kinds of work gets done. Or maybe the problem is the chair. I considered a standing desk, but writing while standing still feels rushed, frantic, deadline-y. I did it in phone booths all across the country, and it can feel very powerful to get stories out that way. And if I ever find myself in the middle of something exciting happening, I will most certainly pull out the phone and start typing, thumbing, hitting send while standing and even running. That’s not writing so much as reporting.

Meanwhile, chair writing is very cultured, with time to muse and push a thought into different rooms until it feels right. I wonder if sitting on the floor is fundamentally different from sitting on a chair? I might try it and report the results … from a comfortable chair (couch) of course. Why do you think it’s called a loveseat? 🐔