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⚡ January 13, 2018

Not Yet 💡

A lamp-to-be or Not. I crack myself up sometimes.

A lamp-to-be or Not. I crack myself up sometimes.

I’ve been having a hard time doing more than the minimal for the last few days. Each day there’s a small accomplishment, but there have been no grand plans or big projects, and that feels worrying. I must be in a brooding period, a patient wait as the drips and the tocks add up. I feel gratitude for the peace, and I’m not complaining, but almost. OK, a tiny complaint: Trump is driving me mad.

I check Twitter every waking hour, waiting for the end to begin. I despair when I come upon anyone who likes him. I try to watch Fox every now and then, just to see happy people … but then all my friends and most important, all the people I respect are in my own bubble, so I go back there, check Twitter, check Facebook now, and just despair. The poor people in Hawaii today must be re-thinking their long-term projects right about now. They just received a nuclear-attack warning on their phones! Ha ha!

I have used all my love of craft for my escapes, especially during the holidays. In fact, I wasn’t able to check Twitter hourly for a few days at the height of my book burning-love-athon that overtook Christmas and this daily journal, and I might have been in a better mental state back then. I don’t know.

I would like to have as much notice as possible before the bombs fall, and since it looks like they will actually call you on the phone, maybe I could lesson my grip on the news. Not sure if that’s wise. Should I be stockpiling something other than cardboard and glitter? If we survive this presidency, we’ll still need poets and playwrights and jugglers, right? This is a terrible way to spend a lovely day.

My only accomplishment today was polishing one of my dusty dining chairs and planning a grand renovation on all six of them. It’s inescapable that they need glueing and tightening, and some of them will need spackle and sandpapering as well … but I’m going to decoupage them with pages from the old UFO Magazine. I’ve had great luck in my life with doing this, although I have been unbelievably stupid with the sort of thing I’ve glued to walls of houses that I no longer live in. It’s shocking, really.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you more about that. 🐔