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⚑ February 23, 2018

All in the Family πŸ‘―

Turkey tail mushrooms that I found in 2013.

Trametes versicolor. Turkey tail mushrooms that I found in 2013.

Just had a few magical days with my daughter. It was so much fun that I never for a second – not for a minute or even a passing thought – did I think to take a picture. We both carried our camera-phones with us constantly, and we each took a lot of photos … but they were mainly of mushrooms or moss. We sort of hiked in the rain, going uphill slowly and cutting a path through sweet but prickly raspberry tendrils. We found and freed a nice walking stick with a burly wood knot, and that was just one part of one day.

But the best part, for me, was gaining my daughter’s approval for many projects that seemed, on the surface, to be sort of stupid. But no! My own child is mother to the woman … and if that makes any sense to you, you might also understand how the child can be father to the man. Nonetheless, today I’ve started in on a number of new and exciting tasks, involving rotary blades and boiling wool and worse.

Things I wished I’d done: take some photos, duh. I wish I’d looked at the size, heft, and woof of her new laptop, because eventually my faithful laptop may give out. Instead, I respected the dull dark gray of her machine, and we spoke instead of sewing things. I wish we had played some of the tunes from my own collection, many of which she would have really appreciated hearing again. Jazz Man by Carole King comes to mind. We did, after all, have a juke box. The family that plays together stays together. It’s all so simple now. πŸ”