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⚡ February 20, 2019

Folding Will Save Us 👕

Harvey lounges by the pillowcases.

Harvey lounges by the pillowcases.

Having a little pet makes everything better. Who knew? Suddenly, I have a companion who likes texture, smoothing, various fabrics and trims. He is a sensualist, and he seems to love the many moods of my rooms and spaces.

And long before Marie Kondo was born, I was practicing many of her techniques, driven by the logic of necessity. I’ve moved our offices and household many times, and each time I was optimistic and organized and thrilled to break down our entire empire into sizes and shapes. Long skinny kitchen utensils in every box, filling long skinny spaces. Books on the bottom for stability, magazines on the top for closure. All fabric, clothing, and linens are wadded up to pad fragile items. When we reach our destination, each box is a core sample of our life, unfurling surprises, and I make small piles for various rooms. Good times. 🐔